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How To Fix Thunderbird Email Error 5.7.1?

The error 5.7.1 is confined with Thunderbird email address where message clearly depicts that users are incited with “Relay” message which appears on email account. It is advised to Fix Thunderbird email error 5.7.1 with expert strategy given by technicians working at Thunderbird Customer Support Number 1800-208-9523. Users often find it difficult to send messages as well as emails to any recipients with the help of SMTP servers. On the other hand, SMTP server will not accept any messages from email addresses. Also, issues related to settings of service provider can also arise, working with email services in an accurate way is also affected even when they are connected to the network.  There are more early signs of this issue such as errors while sending messages, SMTP servers authentication problem, upgrade setting issues with email settings and internet connectivity problems.

Steps to Fix Thunderbird Email Error 5.7.1 are as follows:

How To Fix Thunderbird Email Error 5.7.1

Step 1: The very first step is to instruct users about the authentication server account whether it is working fine or not? As this is very small issue, as per as Outlook Customer Service team, users do not need to be worried about such issues as these technical issues are easy to get resolved . Below are steps discussed that are easy for users to apply:

  1. Check for the Username as well as Password box in the outgoing SMTP server settings
  2. Now, one should try to re-configure their email client to easily send messages with the help of SMTP server of the ISP
  3. Change the SMTP settings to easily send the authenticate email via port 587 instead of working with port 25.
  4. Now, check your internet connectivity to ensure that whether you are getting connection to it or not
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If still the issue exists then, connect with our Thunderbird technical experts


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