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How To Recover Forgotten Yahoo Email Password?

Often users may come across the most important message which will waiting for them to respond in the Yahoo mail account but, this is for sure that they will never get to know whether they have forgotten their password or not. If it’s the case where a user have not  forgotten the answers to their secret questions or have easy access to a secondary email address which is added to their Yahoo! Mail account then there is easy way to recover the forgotten Yahoo password. Below our team of technical experts have shown solutions to Recover Forgotten Yahoo Email Password and here are they.

Steps to Recover Forgotten Yahoo Email Password

Step 1: To reset the forgotten Yahoo Mail password provided if you are unable to access your account then, follow below instructions:

  1. Open the Yahoo! Sign-in Helper page first to proceed ahead with the process.
  2. Now, carefully type the Yahoo! Mail email address in place of Email address or phone number.
  3. Click on the “Continue” icon next.
  4. At last, Yahoo Mail’s sign-in helper will directly navigate you through the options.

Step 2: If users have their mobile number associated with the account and have easy access to text messages then, follow below instructions:

  1. Hit on the ‘Yes, text me an Account Key icon first which can be found just under the “Do you have access to this phone?” menu. If users do not have easy access to the phone then, make sure to choose “I don’t have access to this phone” icon to easily recover your forgotten Yahoo! Mail password.
  2. Now, simply enter the account key which was received via text message just under the “Verify that you have this phone” icon.
  3. Hit on the “Verify” icon.
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Step 3: Users working with secondary email address associated

  1. Click on the “Yes” icon to receive the Account Key details which can be found under the “Do you have access to this email?” icon.
    Next, if it suspected that someone has illegally read all user’s email then, make sure to hit on the icon “I don’t have access to this email”
  2. Carefully type the account key which has been received by email messages and can be found under the “Verify that you have access to this email” icon.
  3. At last, click on the “Verify” icon.

Yahoo Email Support

Dial at Yahoo Mail Support Number +1-800-208-9523 to fix Yahoo Mail issues

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